ESG Management

An Energy Solutions Company Leading the Future

In order to ensure that the peaceful present we enjoy continues into tomorrow, we will strive forward as a new Boim dedicated to a sustainable future.

Realizing Eco-Friendly Values

Clean Hydrogen Power Generation
  • Pursuing the world's first clean hydrogen power generation business
  • Development of carbon-free new energy business
Strengthening environmental management at the facilities
  • Using the highest quality environmental equipment
  • Reducing waste and chemical emissions
Development of new energy business
  • Exploring new businesses related to eco-friendly energy
  • Establishing climate change strategies and responses

Realizing the values of trust and responsibility

Advancing ESG management
  • Establishing ESG strategy and execution tasks
  • Increasing employees' awareness of ESG
Shareholder-friendly management system
  • Diversifying corporate presentation methods and channels
  • Operating various voting platforms
Compliance with business ethics
  • Internalization of ethics within the group and its subsidiaries
  • Pursuing coexistence and co-prosperity with partner companies