S-CO2 Power Generation

Securing next-generation high-efficiency and eco-friendly power generation technology using supercritical CO2 and building infrastructure.

Business Introduction
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Conventional Thermal Power Generation

Supercritical CO2 Power Generation




  • Conversion of the operating fluid of existing power plants from steam to CO2
  • High efficiency (2~5% improvement compared to steam power generation) - Minimization of heat loss due to phase change during the cooling process.
  • Turbine downsizing (up to 1/20) - High CO2 density, Low pressure ratio
  • LCOE reduction - Simplification of facilities, reduction in construction and O&M costs, minimal water usage due to air cooling
  • Applicable to various heat sources such as waste heat, renewable energy, thermal power, and nuclear power
Outlook for Supercritical CO2 Technology(DOE, EPRI, GE)

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Diverse business effects of Boim Group's S-CO2 power generation


Acquisition of high-efficiency power generation sources and greenhouse gas reduction


Establishment of a power generation industry system and securing carbon capture technology


Research and development of technologies for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.