Port Logistics Operation

As an operator of the Yeocheon coal-only dock, we utilize our self-owned terminal for stevedoring, storing, and directly managing the transportation of power generation fuels.

Business Introduction

1469-120 Yeosusandan-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do (Nakpo-dong)
Completion Date
2017 07 25
Total Business Cost
25.7 billion KRW
Facility Capacity / Processing Capacity
75,000 tons / 1 million tons annually
Main Facilities
  • Storage Facility: 1 Linear warehouse (Max. 75,000 tons)
  • Transportation Facility: 1 Belt conveyor system (1,200t/h x 2 units)
  • Stevedoring Facility: 2 Tripper cars
  • Dispatch Facility: 1 Dispatch yard
  • Ancillary Facility: Automation equipment control room and management building
One Stop Process
Overseas Direct Import of Power Generation Fuels
Maritime Transportation
Stevedoring · Storage
Overland Transportation
Supply to Customers


Diverse business effect
of Boim Group's
port logistics operation


Dramatic improvement in logistic costs through an economic and stable fuel supply facility


Improving fuel quality and reducing airborne dust through environmentally friendly indoor storage


Establishment of a one-stop process for the entire power generation fuel trading process